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Jem on DVD
Jem Fanatic!


Over all, yes of course I'm excited about this release!  I've been waiting for something like this for a very long time, and considering that, that is why I have a few disappointments, as I'll explain below.
Packaging and Box : The set up is nice, the colors are terrific considering the source.  A few things do bother me.  Aside the cover art, all other art is quite horrible and half assed.  Shana looks like she's cross eyed!  That and the interior reads "Passion and Glitter, Fashion and Fame", when we all know it is "Glamour and Glitter, Fashion and Fame."  Also, the misspelling of Synergy being the biggest of the flaws.  C-
Insert(Episode Guide/Special Features) : A few typos and the misspelling of Synergy again. C
Episodes : I haven't quite delved into it yet, but as this is supposed to be the first and second seasons, according to what I know of the series, something isn't right.  There are many episodes left in the series, and as there were only three seasons, I really doubt that many were for the third season....I have to investigate this.  A
Special Features :
a)Interview with Christy Marx : She explains her body of work and how she got the gig for Jem, and her creation process.  A-
b)Interview  with Samantha Newark : I wish they would have explained that Samantha is only the SPEAKING voice of Jem, and that the singing voice belongs to the talented Britta Phillips, but that doesn't matter as Samantha basically just talks about her budding music career, and hardly reflects on the show.  C
c)Commentary Tracks : A few key episodes have commentary by Christy Marx.  Most of the information she states is what you learn in her interview.  The small delights are what she considers glitches from the writing to the animation.  Also a few comments on 80's fashion and the times in general make small chuckles here and there.  A-
d)Public Service Announcements : "And that makes you, A Superstar!"  Those quirky, cheesy announcements on how to be a do gooder were a heartwarming part of the series, and they are featured in this collection.  A+
e)Play Songs : This feature allows you to shuffle through the songs on each disc, a nice feature if you just want to get to the music!  I thought they'd just be audio tracks, but I'm not complaining.  A
f)Jem Bible : The picture on my roommates television isn't the greatest, so it makes it difficult for reading, but I'm sure this section is as delightful and informative as I've heard.  A+
JEM Season Three Part One
Packaging and Box : A better color scheme, with the same familiar Jem stock photo and intertwined with various lips and other music video related iconography.  The three discs included are much less of a hassle to get to than in the first set, but the overlay of discs One and Two is a bit tedious.  Grade : A-
Insert : While Synergy is still misspelled, the rest of the information in the directory is right on.  Plus stills from the show are coupled with better artwork for this addition.  Grade : A-
Episodes : Some of my most favorite Jem episodes are collected in this set, and made for quite an enjoyable viewing experience.  A few episodes that had some pretty lousy animiation were also included with this season.  Grade : A
Special Features : Christy Marx, who's been primarily promoted as Story Editor and still wrote a few of the episodes in this set does commentary tracks on a couple of episodes yet again.  Roger Stilfer, another writer of the series gives an interview as well as a commentary track.  The best however is the interview with Britta Phillips, the singing voice of Jem.  Unlike Samantha Newark, Britta talks extensively about her run on the series, not just promoting what she is currently doing.  Grade : A
Play Songs : This feature shows up yet again, which is quite handy if you're just in the fix for the music of the series, episode by episode.  Grade : A+
Jem Bible : A nice feature that dives into the character process, this time focusing more on new members to the groups, Raya and Jetta, and also featuring a dosier on Stormer's brother, Craig Phillips.  Grade : A
Overall Grade : A-