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Jem and I : A History
Jem Fanatic!


"Jem and I : A History"

"Jem", one of the greatest influences of my life.  If you are unfamiliar with Jem, you may find that statement to be absolutely ridiculous, but let me explain.  As a pre-teen, nothing was more wonderful to me than becoming famous and performing.  I loved music and wanted to be a singer, and learn to play many instruments.
When Jem came along, it was everything that I wanted to be.  I loved the show, and loved the music.  Every day I would sit in front of the television and record the audio, which would end up being compiled onto several audio tapes that became my "Jem Jam" collection.  I believe there were six in all.
While my sister had a few of the dolls (Jem/Jerrica, Rio, Aja and Clash), I couldn't have them obviously, so I improvised.  Using my artistic talents, I created paper dolls of EVERY character!  I began taping the episodes and pausing them so I could get every detail of every character down.  I also did this to create every outfit worn by each character as well.  I made a cardboard stand up of Synergy(computer), had a multi level mock of Starlight Music, and even had the instruments for each character that could be held, or stood in front of the character.  It was quite an expansive collection, and I truly wish I still had it, because it took a long time to create and it was a lot of fun.
So "Jem" helped me to create and build my skills in music, singing and art.  Through this tenure, I had aspirations for playing the guitar, and the drums, none of which have actually panned out.
Recently, through the vast resources of the internet, I have rediscovered Jem, and my fascination has been renewed.  Obviously, that's why you are here.
I am seriously thinking about starting up a new paper doll collection, but I doubt I have the time or energy to put as much effort into is as I had before.  But having downloaded nearly every episode thus far, and all the songs collected on CD, I'm happy to have found this important part of my life again.
And with "Jem" due out soon on DVD, I can hardly wait to have crystal clear picture and sound, as well as many extras!