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Jem Fanatic!

(l-r)Shana, Jem, Aja, Kimber

Jerrica Benton

The Misfits
(l-r)Pizzazz, Stormer, Roxy

Mini Bios on the characters in "Jem"



Jem(Jerrica Benton) : Jem is the beautiful lead singer of The Holograms.  While her true identity is one of the greatest mysteries in the world, Jem has ridden the wave of success in movies, music and fashion!
Kimber(Kimber Benton) : Kimber is the youngest member of the band and Jerrica's biological sister.  She writes the songs for the band and plays the keyboards.  She is often prone to temper tantrums and utterly confused in the romance department.
Aja(Aja Leith) : Aja plays guitar for The Holograms.  She was the first child adopted by the Benton's and is the same age as Jerrica.  Aja is a fitness buff and has a fiery temper.
Shana(Shana Elmsford) : Shana is the second child adopted by the Benton's.  Quite shy at first, she eventually made her way into the hearts of her sisters.  At first, Shana played drums for The Holograms, and eventually left the group to pursue her dreams in fashion.  When she came back, she started to play the bass guitar.
Raya(Carmen Alonso) : Raya is the current drummer for The Holograms.  After Shana left for a bit, The Holograms held a talent search for a new drummer and Raya was the winner.

The Stingers
(l-r)Rapture, Riot, Minx


Pizzazz(Phyllis Gabor) : Pizzazz is the lead singer of The Misfits.  She is spoiled, pretentious and a sore loser.  She wants fame from all angles and will destroy whomever gets in her way.  She also hates her real name.
Roxy(Roxanne Pelligrini) : Roxy is the tough as nails guitar player of the group.  She doesn't take lip from anybody, with the exception of Pizzazz.
Stormer(Mary Phillips) : Stormer plays the synthesizer for The Misfits.  Stormer also has a heart, but her loyalties lie with The Misfits, and that is where she will stay.
Jetta(Sheila Burns) : Discovered by The Misfits when they found out The Holograms were doing a talent search, this native from Britain is a whole lot of trouble.  She also has a penchant for not telling the truth.  While Jetta plays a mean saxaphone, that doesn't compare to how mean she is toward Roxy.


Eric Raymond and his Misfits

Riot(Rory Llewellyn) : Riot is the egotistical lead singer and guitarist for The Stingers.  He is in constant pursuite of Jem and will stop at nothing until he wins her over.
Rapture(Phoebe Ashe) : Rapture is the trouble maker and guitarist of the group.  Deep into the mystical arts, she often uses those abilities to con people just about out of anything.
Minx(Ingrid Krueger) : Minx is the beautiful keyboardist for the group and truly lives up to her name.  While affectionate for Riot, and jealous of Jem, she has a hot spot for Rio, and the more she gets shot down, the more she puts up a fight!


Rio Pacheco

Rio Pacheco : Rio is Jerrica's boyfriend.  He's also The Holograms' road manager.  He is also in love with Jem, so either he is just really confused, or a complete schmuck for cheating on his girlfriend with his girlfriend who is the same woman....whew!
Danse(Giselle Dvorjak) : Danse is the choreographer for The Holograms.  She also runs Haven House, a foster home for boys and girls.
Video(Vivian Montgomery) : Video is a director and one of the best!  She is a valued friend to The Holograms and is constantly being bothered by her cousin Clash.
Clash(Constance Montgomery) : Clash wants desperately to be a Misfit, but she's basically their lackey, but that is good enough for her because makin' mischief is what she does best!
Lindsay Pierce : Lindsay has one of TV's hottest programs.
Eric Raymond : Eric is The Misfits manager, and a huge pain in the neck for The Holograms.
Synergy : Synergy is the hologram creating computer designed by Emmett Benton that aides Jem/Jerrica on command.  She was made in the likeness of Jacqui Benton.
Techrat : Techrat is the gimmick maker on the side of Eric Raymond and The Misfits.  A bit of a recluse, he doesn't like being touched, nor does he like anyone touching his gimmicks!