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Jem Fanatic!


Welcome to Jem Fanatic!
This is a one stop source for information
on the 80's cartoon phenom "Jem"!
This site is only just beginning, but in time
I hope that fans from all over the world will
stop by and marvel at this obsession of
On this site, you will read episode reviews,
get a chance to listen to various songs from
various episodes, learn about each character
from the show and much, much more!
Sit back and enjoy Jem Fanatic!


6.28.05--Well, it appears Jem Season Three Part Two is lost in limbo.  From what I understand, the contract between Rhino and Sunbow has expired.  The new contract is with Sony, but what are Sony's plans for the series?  Will it relaunch the series from the beginning, pick up where Rhino left off, or not even bother?  I'm most unhappy because I was REALLY looking forward to the episodes with The Stingers!
4.15.05--Once again, a very long time since I updated.  Given time restraints, I'm going to post a slight DVD Review for Jem Season 3 Part 1.
1.28.04 -- I am looking for some high quality fan art to post here at Jem Fanatic, so if you have some, email it to me at XFenixfyre@yahoo.com with a subject line "Jem Fan Art" and you'll see it posted here!

4.25.04 -- Wow, it's been a VERY long time since an update.  I promise something will be coming along soon.  It doesn't appear many people know of my site yet, but I hope that changes!  Sign the guestbook and let me know that you're here, and let me know what you think!
5.19.04 -- I have placed a review for the Jem DVD set, check it out to see what I think!

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